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Woodward 8237-1600 Introduction

Woodward 8237-1600

WOODWARD 8200 Series Controller 8237-1600 , 8200-1301/8200-1350/8200-1508WOODWARD 8200 Series Controller 8200-226/8200-1310, 8200-1301/8200-1350/8200-1508WOODWARD 8200 series controller 8200-226/8200-1310, 8200-1301/8200-1350/8200-1508

Woodward's new generation 505D 8200-1302 front panel mounted user configurable turbine digital governor control features an advanced integrated multi-language interface HMI screen. The new 505D is built to a rugged and reliable standard Integrated graphical front panel HMI screen 8200-1302 Multi-language screen including Chinese, easy operator access, diagnostics and controls Large screen allows easy navigation and icon viewing of parameters and performance Operators and engineers can view real-time trends Locally configurable label names easily identify connections to the internal "turbine simulator" Communication for offline training and testing improvements before system changes 8200-1302 Ethernet communication for connection to plant DCS, service tools and RemoteView operator consoles for Woodward VariStroke and DSLC-II power management networks CANOpen actuator connection

Aspect W482.6 x H310.4 x D142.7 mm (with knob and key)
Display operating temperature -15 to +60 °C (+5 to +140 °F).
Features Key lock
Input voltage 24 Vdc
Keypad/Display 12 keys and 1 knob per module
Manual 85205 (female)
Manufacturer Woodward
Model Energized Travel
NEMA Class 4 and 4X
Operating temperature -25 to +60 °C (-13 to +140 °F)
Standard IP54
Weight 13 lbs. 1 oz.

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