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ROCKWELL ALLEN-BRADLEY Product introduction

ControlLogix ® system USES a public general control engine development environment, and can provide high performance in an easy to use environment.Tight integration between programming software, controllers, and I/O modules shortens development time and reduces debugging and uptime costs.You can perform standard and security controls in the same rack for truly integrated systems.Leverage high availability and extreme environment tolerance to meet your application project needs.



Provide excellent high speed, high performance, multi - field application project control

Provides a fully redundant controller architecture with undisturbed switching and high availability

Provides modular and scalable network communication

Provides a wide range of communication and I/O options

Provides time synchronization for first failure, process sequencing, and other application projects

Provides TUV specific products for use in SIL 2 and SIL 3 application projects


1756 ControlLogix ® standard controller

1756 ControlLogix - XT ™ extreme environment controller

1756 GuardLogix ® safety controller

1756 ControlLogix I/O module

1756 framework

1756 redundant modules

Motion control module

Communication module

1756 power


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Standard controller

Bulletin 1756 ControlLogix ® standard, motion controller is suitable for the process and discrete applications and high availability.As part of the ™ system ® rockwell automation integrated architecture, L6 and about the module USES RSLogix ™ 5000 programming software and common network protocol, and provides the public information capacity.These high-performance controllers provide a common control engine through a common development environment applicable to all control domains.You can use these controllers for more complex machines and connect to business systems.


Extreme environment controller

Bulletin 1756 ControlLogix - XT ™ controller and extreme environment standard ControlLogix controller work the same way and function.XT controller using ® rockwell automation integrated architecture with enhancements ™ control engine to meet the needs of the extreme environment application projects, including but also extend the service life of the product in severe corrosive environment of the conformal coating.In addition, the XT control system also places a module at every other slot for thermal buffering and provides redesigned ventilation to enhance air flow.


GuardLogix safety controller

Bulletin 1756 GuardLogix ® security controller has a dual processor architecture (1 oo2), suitable for SIL 3 PLe application project.As part of the ™ ® rockwell automation integrated architecture system, the controller using RSLogix ™ 5000 programming software to provide public information function, and support based on the EtherNet/IP ™ and ControlNet ™ CIP Safety on the network.These high-performance controllers provide a common control engine through a common development environment applicable to all control domains.You can use these controllers for more complex machines and connect to business systems.


Redundant module

Bulletin 1756 and 1757 ControlLogix ® redundant module without additional programming support fully redundant controller architecture.The program automatically crosses the load from the master controller to the slave controller, and the master controller updates the slave controller automatically through data changes to keep the controller synchronized.If the master controller fails, the control is automatically switched to the slave controller to ensure that the highest priority function is performed, that is, "shock free conversion" is achieved.Controller redundancy to through the EtherNet/IP ™ or ControlNet ™ network connection of any equipment is transparent.For application projects that must be run in extreme environments, select the ControlLogix extreme environment redundancy module.


Communication module

ControlLogix ® communication module support EtherNet/IP ™, ControlNet ™, DeviceNet ™, the Data Highway Plus ™, remote I/O, foundation fieldbus, serial, DH - 485 and SynchLink ™ network.Interface via the ControlLogix gateway (no controller in the gateway rack) using the ControlLogix communication module or directly to the ControlLogix controller.EtherNet/IP, ControlNet, Data Highway Plus, and remote I/O networks are provided with corresponding ControlLogix extreme environment communication modules.


The I/O module

Bulletin 1756 ControlLogix ® I/O module provides a comprehensive digital quantity, diagnosis of digital, analog, and motion control I/O, can meet the needs of the various application project.Any of these I/O modules can be used in the local framework of the ControlLogix controller.In addition to the motion control module, these modules can be used in a framework, the framework across the ControlNet ControlLogix system ™ or EtherNet/IP ™ network link to ControlLogix controller.


Movement module

Bulletin 1756 Sercos ™ interface motion control module or analog interface motion control module is added to the ControlLogix ® system, to take advantage of Kinetix ® integration movement to the powerful features of the solution.Logix platform supports motion control components used in a wide range of machine architectures.


The power supply

Can be Bulletin 1756 ControlLogix ® power with 1756 ControlLogix rack used in combination, in order to directly to the frame backplane provides 1.2 V, 3.3 V, 5 V and 24 V dc power supply.These power sources are divided into standard, redundant and extreme environmental types.


The framework

Modular ControlLogix ® and GuardLogix ® system requires Bulletin 1756 I/O framework.These frames are designed for horizontal mounting only on the backplane.You can put any module into any slot.The back panel provides high-speed communication paths between modules.The framework is divided into standard type and extreme environment type.