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GE imagination at work

GE will provide the project with Pakistan's first tower boiler fueled by local lignite. The completion of the project will strongly support the local economic development and improve the utilization of local resources.

When completed, the project will provide clean and efficient electricity to 2 million Pakistani households and help strengthen Pakistan's energy independence and security.

The project is the first integrated power solutions project between GE's steam power generation business and shandong power construction co., ltd. in Pakistan.

The full set of main engines and key auxiliary equipment provided by GE for this project will be produced in China, fully fulfilling GE's commitment of "based in China, serving the world".


Beijing, June 11, 2018 -- GE's steam power generation business recently signed the equipment supply contract for the Lucky 1x660MW coal-fired power plant project in Pakistan with shandong power construction co., LTD., a subsidiary of China power construction corporation.The project is located in the kasim port district of Karachi, sindh province, Pakistan, and was developed by Pakistan Lucky power co., LTD.This is Pakistan's first ultra-supercritical coal-fired power station project using tower boilers, and the project equipment delivery is expected to be completed within the next two years.

Lucky project adopts GE's unique ultra-supercritical tower boiler technology in the industry, and the net efficiency of the whole plant is expected to reach 42%.GE will provide the project with a full range of mainframe equipment, all made in China.The tower boiler, fan mill and related auxiliary machines will be provided by GE wok, and the turbogenerator set and corresponding auxiliary machines will be provided by beizhong alstom (Beijing) electrical equipment co., LTD.


"GE's steam power generation business combines global technological advantages with advanced local manufacturing processes, and with its century-long history in the steam power generation field, it provides the owner with an overall solution of high efficiency and high economy."GE steam generator Hu Jingmiao China EPC business commerce general manager said, ", we are proud for this project provides a full range of host all equipment will be made in GE's manufacturing base in China, GE China's business and technology team and global team, on the project with the EPC customers achieve a win-win situation, and has been appointed to perform the project team in China, it is a good source of interpretation of GE 'China, hui' global EPC strategy, is also our 'based on China, the important of service global' idea."

Pakistan is rich in lignite production. Lignite has low degree of coal-burning, low combustion value, high moisture content and high volatile components, and tower boiler is one of the best furnace types for burning lignite.This project will be the first 660 mw coal power plant in South Asia, and will use the development the tal second mining area of coal as fuel, strong support for the Pakistani government to increase the initiative of local energy resources and utilization, and to help promote local economic development and increase employment, GE for this project to provide integrated solutions to improve the efficiency of the factory at the same time, also reduces the running and maintenance costs, ensure the owner get a higher return on investment.


GE developed the tower furnace technology in the middle of the 20th century, and has been continuously researching and improving the combustion system specially used for burning various lignite in the past decades. Tower furnace has gradually become the leading design of European coal power system.GE tower boiler can achieve a fuel efficiency of 44~47% based on low thermal value (LHV) under the condition of high cycle efficiency ultra-supercritical, which can realize less fuel consumption and lower emissions for power plants.


The tower boiler provided by GE wugou for this project will be the first full-range lignite tower boiler designed and produced in wugou.As the world's leading manufacturing base, GE wok and northrop alstom's products continue to operate steadily at power plants around the world, especially in countries along the "One Belt And One Road" route.Take GE WBC as an example. In 2017, more than 80% of its orders came from overseas EPC projects.GE power generation will continue to provide clean and efficient electricity for global residents and industries with lean production and leading technologies, and implement the strategy of "based in China, serving the world" with high-quality products.


Shandong power construction 3 company also praised GE's leading technology and close cooperation in the process of cooperation: "shandong power construction 3 company and GE have cooperated for many years. In this project, the two sides uphold the concept of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, jointly optimize the project scheme, and jointly promote the project, and finally win the recognition of the owner.As the earliest power engineering company operating international power station EPC in China and the one with the most projects under construction, shandong power construction no.3 company hopes to continue to work with GE to create more high-quality projects, fulfill customers' wishes and promote social development.


Since GE and China power construction signed the global strategic cooperation agreement in 2012, under the initiative of "One Belt And One Road", the scope of cooperation between the two sides in overseas EPC has been continuously expanded, benefiting many countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.Shandong three company as a wholly owned subsidiary of China in turbine turbine, fruits of cooperation with GE in the international EPC project, has accumulated rich experience in EPC project, the signing of Pakistan's Lucky 1 x660mw coal-fired power station project, is the integration of both sides in the cooperation with Pakistan's first coal-fired power solutions project, is the "china-pakistan economic corridor" priority implementation projects.The two sides will continue to work together for mutual benefit to provide cleaner, more efficient and stable electricity to Pakistani industry and people.